SikaFiber® Novomesh®-950

Blended Fiber - Macro Synthetic and Micro Synthetic

SikaFiber® Novomesh®-950 is an engineered blend of macro and micro synthetic reinforcing fibers specifically designed for the reinforcement of concrete. SikaFiber® Novomesh®-950 is 100% virgin copolymer polypropylene macro and micro fibers deisgned to provide the optimum combination of plastic shrinkage and long term reinforcement within the concrete.  Specifically engineered and manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. SikaFiber® Novomesh®-950 previously Novomesh 950 or SikaFiber Force 950.

  • Macro-synthetic/micro-synthetic fiber blend for secondary reinforcement
  • Inhibits formation of plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks
  • Provides impact, abrasion and shatter resistance
  • Provides higher levels of residual strength
  • Provides improved durability and reduces permeability
  • Control of drying shrinkage and temperature cracking
  • Good finishing characteristics
  • Three dimensional reinforcement in concrete
  • Safer, quicker and easier to use than traditional reinforcement
  • Packaged for easy dosing into the concrete mix
  • Reducing embodied carbon through the replacement of convention steel reinforcement with synthetic structural fibers.