SikaFiber® Novocon® CS-1000

Steel Fiber - Type II

SikaFiber® Novocon® CS-1000 steel fibers are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete. SikaFiber® Novocon® CS-1000 is a cut sheet continuously deformed steel fiber, to provide optimum anchorage within the concrete. SikaFiber® Novocon® CS-1000 steel fibers are specifically designed to meet or exceed the defined performance requirements.  Previously SikaFiber Force CS1000.

  • Increases crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption or toughness of concrete.
  • Improves impact resistance, fatigue endurance and shear strength of concrete.
  • Reduces shrinkage cracking in concrete.
  • Reduces or eliminates conventional reinforcement in concrete.
  • Provides three dimensional reinforcement.
  • Reduces construction time for slab on ground - no placing, cutting and chairing of conventional reinforcement.
  • Easy to finish