The best fiber is the fiber you don't see.

SikaFiber®-800 stealth is the superior finishing fiber for slabs on ground.
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SikaFiber 800 Stealth Fiber Samples

When is it great to have low memory?

An important element to finish fiber-reinforced concrete is using external vibration. External vibration brings paste to the surface and buries fibers located at the slab surface. During troweling, if the fiber is stiff, the fiber can rebound out of the slab surface. 

SikaFiber®-800 Stealth has low memory and, during troweling, will stay bent in the concrete slab surface, limiting fiber exposure.


Increase the cubic yards of concrete placed

Traditionally reinforced slabs on ground require chairing, cutting, and placing of large amounts of steel reinforcement. In addition, this steel needs to be worked around while placing the concrete slab. SikaFiber®-800 Stealth can eliminate this process, since the reinforcing is delivered in the ready mix truck, which leads to shorter construction schedules.

Lower construction costs to complete projects

The ready mix truck delivers your reinforcing, which in turn eliminates all costs associated with steel reinforcing: storage, transport, installation.

Lower maintenance costs in concrete

The SikaFiber®-800 Stealth reinforcing provides 3-dimensional reinforcing wherever it is needed. Polypropylene fibers do not cause wear to hoses, trucks, or equipment. In addition, SikaFiber® macro synthetic fibers are not affected by rust (concrete cancer).

Increase your concrete performance

SikaFiber®-800 Stealth has third party testing showing increased flexural capacity, post-crack strength, reduced crack propagation, and increased impact resistance.

Easy Batching of the Fiber into the Truck

SikaFiber®-800 Stealth macro synthetic fibers may be bundled or "pucked" and placed in degradable bags for easy batching. The bags are easily "tossed" into the ready mix truck at the end of the batching cycle and mixed for 4 - 5 minutes.