By opening a new concrete admixture production facility in Stafford, VA, Sika has further expanded its production capacity in the growing Mid-Atlantic construction market.

The opening of the new facility is Sika's response to high demand in the region and guarantees optimized logistics, shorter transportation routes for raw materials and finished goods, and a reduction in CO2 emissions.


Located in Stafford, VA, the 42,600 square foot production facility is capable of supplying Sika's full range of concrete admixtures. With a capacity of 50,000 tons per year and two mixers with a capacity greater than 6,000 gallons each, the facility will increase production and help Sika grow well into the future.

Grey Building Concrete Admixture Plant
Inside of Concrete Plant with Large Clear Containers
"The latest investment in the Mid-Atlantic allows us to further strengthen our position in the region's construction market. This is our response to high demand in the region. It allows us to get our products to our valued customers quickly and more efficiently, all while reducing our environmental impact." Thomas Strittmatter, Senior Vice President for Sika Concrete Admixtures
"Sika is committed to ensuring the production of consistent quality products. Sika's valued customers can be assured that the impressive facility in Stafford utilizes the latest manufacturing equipment, systems, and quality standards." Tim Whitehead, Vice President of Concrete and Mortars Operations
Inside of Concrete Plant with Red and Yellow Stairs
Concrete Admixture Trucker Tank Inside of Concrete Plant

Sika is committed to bringing products closer to customers. This is critical for the business, and it contributes significantly to reducing the impact on the environment. The new Stafford plant demonstrates Sika's dedication to bringing superior concrete admixture solutions to our valued customers.