Sika Corporation is proud to announce that SikaFiber Enduro Prime is one of the first macro fibers to obtain an ICC Evaluation Services (ES) Report for AC383

Throughout time man has used concrete to build the biggest and longest lasting structures in the world. When durability is the key-driving factor in construction, concrete is most commonly chosen as the material of choice. The reinforcement in concrete is equally as important. About 40 years ago, an old technology of using discontinuous reinforcement started to re-emerge. We know this material today as concrete fibers; representing one of the fastest growing segments in the construction industry in recent years. Sika is proud to announce that SikaFiber® Enduro® Prime is one of the first macro fibers to obtain an ICC Evaluation Services (ES) Report for AC383.The ICC (International Code Council) is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, building and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures, such as the International Building Code and the International Residential Code. The ICC Technical staff develops Acceptance Criteria (AC) for new and innovative products which are approved by the Evaluation Committee during open public hearings. The Evaluation Committee is made up entirely of code officials. The AC for Polyolefin Chopped Strands (Macro Synthetic Fiber) for use in concrete is AC383.   

The ICC-ES Reports verify that new and innovative building products comply with code requirements and recommendations for use.  SikaFiber® Enduro® Prime, manufactured in Chattanooga, TN, had to go through a battery of stringent third party testing to achieve the ICC ES Report 4282. The testing for the evaluation report included the following; Freeze Thaw (ASTM C666), Plastic Shrinkage Cracking Resistance (ASTM C1579), Ring Shrinkage (ASTM C1581) and the Flexural Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete (ASTM C1609). SikaFiber® Enduro® Prime excelled at all of the testing at a minimum dosage of 3 pcy.  Copies of all, Fibers for reinforcing concrete, ES Reports can be found on the ICC Reports Directory: https://icc-es.org/evaluation-report-program/reports-directory/