Sikagard® Duochem-7500

Chemical Resistant, Epoxy-Novolac Floor Coating, Topping or Containment Lining

Sikagard® Duochem-7500 is a two-component, high solids, epoxy-novolac coating/topping/ lining which possesses outstanding resistance to strong inorganic acids, concentrated sulfuric acid and oxygenated solvents.

  • The material is convenient to proportion, 2:1 by volume, Component A to Component B ratio.
  • Sikagard® Duochem-7500 may be applied as a smooth system or as a broadcast buildup system incorporating silica sand.
  • Sikagard® Duochem-7500 provides a high build and effective barrier of protection for concrete and steel against a wide range of aggressive substances.
  • Sikagard® Duochem-7500 exhibits excellent Adhesion, Hardness, Abrasion Resistance, and Compressive Strength values.
  • The systems provide excellent protection for steel and concrete against a wide range of chemicals. See product specific Chemical Resistance Guide located on or by contacting Sika Technical Services.