Sika® FloorJoint XS


Sika® FloorJoint XS  is a carbon fiber reinforced polymer Composite floor joint panel with high mechanical resistance for normal up to medium wear loading conditions. Its unique S-joint filled with SikaFlex maintains joint movement that eliminates point loading and improves load distribution that minimizes transverse vibrations. Sika® FloorJoint XS is ideal for joints with gaps in the substrate with a maximum width of 0.2 inch (5 mm) max. Positive joint movement 0.11 inch (3 mm).

  • Eliminates point loading
  • Installs level to existing slab surface
  • Reduced transverse vibrations
  • Preserves bearings in transport equipment
  • Can be used under any Sikafloor system
  • Similar thermal expansion coefficient to resin based floors
  • Rapid-Return-To-Service
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Non-corroding