Epoxy Epo-Rok Mortar System

A general service, two component, high solids, epoxy system for use as a primer, coating or as a binder for pigmented slurry/broadcast system or epoxy mortar.

  • Low VOC.
  • Excellent penetration and adhesion.
  •  Multi-purpose use.
  • 100 % solids as supplied.
  • Protects new concrete from abuse.
  • Rejuvenates worn surfaces, to a smooth finish.
  • Designed to take heavy loads.
  • Formulated for easy application.
  • Fast curing reduces downtime.
  • Smooth and slip resistant surface possible (Optional) Use of Sikadur-506 RC Type Aggregate which contains 30 % recycled basalt, Pre-Consumer Recycled Material.
  • Meets the qualifications for acquiring LEED points.