Sikafloor® is designed to provide long lasting beauty and performance. We have developed a proven process of application stages for our liquid applied flooring materials. This unique process is the only way to achieve seamless floors throughout your facility and maintain lasting beauty and easy maintenance. A national network of experienced, well-trained flooring experts is available to take care of your flooring needs. Also, feel free to consult our experts on adequate procedures for old floor removal in refurbishment projects to ensure proper subfloor preparation and floor detailing. 

Seamless Application

After inspection and preparation of the subfloor by cleaning (and if needed shotblasting, grinding, sanding and/or leveling), we will start mixing our liquid materials. 

Seamless Application
Step 2

A liquid primer is applied to assure good bonding of the flooring, which is typically done by trowel and roller. The adequate method can be selected depending on the quality of the subfloor. 

Seamless Application

Self-leveling materials are applied in one or several layers to create a seamless base. Experts will pour and distribute the liquid material by using special squeegees, hand trowels, stand-up trowels and spike rollers in the process to assure a perfectly even and smooth surface. 

Seamless Application

A wide selection of liquid resin products is available in an almost unlimited amount of colors to address many types of use. Decorative flakes or anti-slip aggregates may be broadcasted into the wet surface.

Seamless Application

This finishing touch is the application of a transparent or pigmented topcoat. Typically this step involves a roller or spray application. The top coat secures the desired final design, and adds friction and wear resistance qualities to the buildup. 

Seamless Application

Enjoy your floor for many years to come. Follow the recommended maintenance procedures, including a possible pre-treatment, to assure long lasting beauty and performance.