Sika Flooring has made a donation of several different types of flooring products and systems to the West Chester, Pennsylvania community, along with Tailored Living of Wilmington DE to the Westtown Quaker Ice Hockey club. The rink was the popular hangout spot back in the late 70s and the grand opening of the new rink will bring back that community feeling thanks to many generous contributors.


Sika Flooring and Tailored Living installed a Sikafloor Decoflake system over 600 square feet in the party and meeting/clinic room. The floor was in very bad shape, (550 nails were in the floor from a previous membrane system,) and Sika took on the job of making sure everything was patched with our Sikafloor 150. They installed a prime coat of Sikafloor 161 to fill in the remaining divots and primed the floor. Sikafloor 217 was used as the basecoat, a light gray pigment with granite flakes to create a subtle and pleasing aesthetic. Lastly, Sikafloor 511 clear was used to top it all off.

Sika's flooring team was more than happy to contribute to the West Chester community. After hearing about the project and how it has been more than 20 years since the space was in use, it was no question to help out. Westtown rink's facility team was extremely pleased with how the floors came out and is now working with the contractor for even more projects to come. For us, it was great to see the outcome of the stunning floors and to help bring back a community's beloved ice rink. 

Westtown Ice Rink