Using Resinous Floors as Moisture Mitigation Systems

What's the Right Resinous Floor for Me?

Resinous floor systems can be used effectively to mitigate moisture in concrete floor slabs with moisture contents up to 6% mass (part by weight). Resinous floor coatings, such as epoxy and polyurethane coatings, can provide a seamless and impermeable barrier that can prevent moisture vapor transmission from the concrete slab to the surface of the floor. These coatings are often used in environments where high levels of moisture are present, such as in food and beverage facilities, pharmaceutical labs, and industrial manufacturing plants.

It's important to note that the success of using a resinous floor system to mitigate moisture in concrete floor slabs depends on the proper installation of the coating system, as well as proper preparation and evaluation of the concrete substrate. Moisture testing should be performed to determine the extent of the moisture problem and to ensure that the concrete is dry enough to accept the coating.

If moisture levels in the concrete are too high, a high-performance moisture mitigation system, such as a Sika PurCem urethane mortar system, may be needed in conjunction with the resinous floor system. In fact, in many cases Sika PurCem can be installed over green concrete.

In summary, resinous floor systems can be an effective solution for mitigating moisture in concrete floor slabs, but proper evaluation, preparation, and installation are necessary for success.