Viscosity Modifiers & Underwater

Sika® Stabilizer-4 R

Ready to use liquid-based viscosity modifying admixture. Sika Stabilizer 4R improves stability and segregation resistance of concrete mixes without significant reduction of slump or flow, resulting in improved surface quality and aesthetics.

Sikament®-100 SC

Sikament®-100 SC is a unique bipolymer anti-washout admixture for the underwater placement of concrete and grout. Sikament®-100 SC meets the requirements of CRD-C661-06.


How it Works: Sikament®-100 SC increases mix cohesiveness and imparts a variable viscosity characteristic to concrete and grout. Sikament®-100 SC produces concrete that becomes fluid and flowable when sheared or mechanically agitated. An example would be during pumping operations. This characteristic enables concrete to flow easily through and into confined spaces. The mix will revert to a dense, high viscous, consistency when at rest. This cohesive cement paste matrix promotes high compressive and flexural strength development.