Waterstop Installation Accessories

Welding equipment

  • Waterstop Welding Irons
  • Welding Iron Replacement Covers
  • Spark Tester for Thermoplastic Waterstop Welds

Hydrotite Adhesive

Sika® Hydrotite® Adhesive can be used to bond Sika® Hydrotite® swellable rubber waterstop profiles to hardened, cured concrete, steel, and many other smooth surfaces.

Leakmaster LV-1

Leakmaster LV-Z is a single component water-swelling sealant with excellent and unique properties. Its development was based on C.I. Takiron technology and long experience in waterswelling sealants. Leakmaster may be applied in locations where conventional solid sealants cannot be easily applied. This includes irregular shaped joints, rough surfaces, odd penetrations, etc. After curing, Leakmaster has excellent physical properties. The rubber-like elasticity of the material and expansion characteristics create an effective watertight seal.

Bentonite Waterstop Primers

  • Swellstop Primer Adhesive
  • Swellstop WB Primer Adhesive

Mastic Waterstop Primers

Lockstop is a strip-applied mastic waterstop for non-moving concrete joints. When properly installed using Lockstop Primer Adhesive, Lockstop creates a watertight seal between concrete surfaces. Lockstop Primer Adhesive is available in one gallon pails. 

Greenstreak® Epoxy-7300

Epoxy 7300 is a multi-purpose, 2-component, solvent-free, moisture insensitive structural epoxy adhesive. It meets ASTM-C-881. Types I and II, Grade 3, Classes B and C for Epoxy Resin Adhesives.

Westec Epoxy Gel 151

The Westec 151 Gel was designed specifically to complement the Westec retrofit waterstop. The gel provides a gasket seal behind the waterstop and has similar chemical resistance to the TPER waterstop. The 151 System is designed for a broad range of application depending on specific service requirements including duration and degree of chemical exposure.