Concrete Forming Products

HDPE Expansion Board

  • Excellent compression and recovery properties
  • Will not rot or deteriorate
  • Tough and durable; will not break with normal handling
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Chemically resistant to a wide variety of chemical solvents
  • Can be cut with conventional tools
  • Will not split; can be fastened to stakes with screws or ring shank nails
  • Excellent for use with Sika's Westec EB Cap Seal and Speed Dowel joint system

Laser Form®

Laser Form® is a form system which works in concrete with laser guided screed technology. Laser Form® allows laser guided screeds to deliver F-numbers that are consistent slab edge to slab edge.

Laser Form® Release Agent

Laser Form® Release Agent is a VOC compliant, chemically reactive water base concrete form release agent. Laser Form® Release Agent is designed for use with Sika's Laser Form® Advanced Edge Forming System to product crisp positive release, which reduces breakage, stripping and clean up time. Laser Form® Release Agent will not stain concrete surfaces and is suitable for use in enclosed environments.


Zip Cap 2-Piece Control Joint Former eliminates saw cutting and creates a control joint with excellent aggregate interlock.

Expansion Board Cap

Expansion Board Cap fits over an expansion board to prepare the joint for caulks or sealants. After the concrete is placed, the upper cap is removed leaving a clean void for the sealants.

Chamfer Strips

Chamfer Strips are flexible PVC strips used for forming rounded or angled edges in columns, walls or other concrete elements. They are reusable, can prevent leakage, and are ideal for radius applications in round columns.

Rustication Strips

Rustication Strips create an architectural reveal in walls or other concrete elements. Manufactured from rigid ABS, Rustication Strips are reusable, maintain a smooth and even reveal, and are ideal for eliminating seams on form liner applications.

Plastic Keyway

Plastic Keyway is a lightweight, impact resistant keyway former that can be easily stapled or nailed to wood forms.

Plastic Shims

Tilt-Up Shims are manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and have a bearing capacity of 10,000 psi. Sika Greenstreak's Shims will not rot, rust or cause staining of concrete.

Shims are color coded for easy identification and can be purchased by individual size or banded packs.