Cement Grinding Aids

Cement manufacturing is a highly technical process in which every part has a decisive impact on the product quality as well as on economical and ecological production parameters. From the origin of the necessary raw materials, the clinker burning and cooling, to the careful adjustment of the cement formulation, cement manufacturers constantly strive for homogeneous quality of their products.

The cement grinding process is the final chance to adjust the cement quality to meet the demands set by relevant standards and cement customers. It combines influences from different areas like the mechanical grinding process, the chemical and physical raw material properties and the cement formulation itself. Interactions between these effects result in a very challenging process which needs skilled and experienced people on all sides.

Optimization of the cement formulation and the cement grinding process creates value. Application of the SikaGrind® Technology can help you to further improve your process and profitability.

SikaGrind Technology – Small Drops with HUGE Impact!

Cement Grinding Aids, Traditional Grinding Aids
Traditional Grinding Aids

The SikaGrind 200 & 400 series are grinding aids based on traditional technologies for the enhancement of cement performance and grinding efficiency.

Cement Grinding Aids, Innovative Grinding Solutions
Innovative Grinding Solutions

The SikaGrind 800 series is a line of grinding aids based on Polycarboylate (PCE) technology that can take your grinding and cement performance to the next level.

Cement Grinding, Masonry Grinding Aids
Masonry Grinding Aids

The SikaGrind MC series is a unique line of masonry grinding aids, with single component and two component systems, tailored to fit customer needs.