In today’s competitive market, cement manufacturers as well as concrete producers are aiming for cost reduction with the target to increase profitability and improve market share.

Cement producers need to supply the cement quality as defined by local standards, and at the same time meet customers’ demands. Strength development is surely the most important and most controlled property. However, other influences of the continued increasing use of clinker replacements are often out of the main focus. These potential issues range from low concrete workability to variations which adversely affect the appearance of concrete.

Sika has introduced the SikaGrind 800 series to address these issues and many others. These  innovative grinding solutions are based on Sika’s ViscoCrete Polycarboxylate technology and provide outstanding performance and strength enhancing characteristics as well as address  many of the issues associated with the use of clinker replacements.

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Given that your combination of raw materials, clinker production and grinding capabilities likely differ from plant to plant, we also welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Among other characteristics SikaGrind can help address the following:

Adjustable Powder Flowability (cement handling)

The cement grinding process results in unsatisfied charges on the newly created surfaces. With increasing fineness electrostatic attraction of cement particles becomes more severe. These inter- particle forces reduce cement powder flowability which adversely affects the flow characteristics in air slides and can result in no-flow condition during discharge of silos and transportation vessels. Special products from the SikaGrind® range allow for the adjustment of the cement powder flowability to meet your demands.

Improved Consistency (concrete workability)

At constant fineness, increasing the amount of supplementary cementitious materials, like interground limestone and pozzolans, leads to decreasing strength of the blended cement. In order to keep the strength unchanged, the cements or at least the clinker component have to be ground finer. Such changes increase the water demand and reduce the concrete workability. Improved workability and extended slump life can be achieved with polycarboxylate polymer based SikaGrind® technology.

Reduced Carbon Bleeding (concrete homogeneity)

The phenomenon that fine visible particles in mortar and concrete float-up to the surface and give it a significant change in appearance (left) is well known in concrete technology. In most cases, these particles are carbon black which results from incomplete burning of organic substances in the used raw materials. Specialized SikaGrind® products can suppress the creation of carbon bleeding on the concrete surface while maintaining production rates.