Sika® ComfortFloor® Products are typically used in:

  • Commercial and public buildings 
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools and universities 
  • Retail areas 
  • Laboratories
  • Nursing facilities 
  • Showrooms
  • Lobbies and office spaces 


Sika ComfortFloor® creates a balance between comfort and toughness by combining softness under foot and durability - flexible enough to provide comfort in areas where personnel walk or stand for long periods of time but tough enough to stand up to high levels of pedestrian traffic, chair castors and wheeled loads.

Sikafloor® 304 W

Sikafloor® 304 W is a low VOC, clear, two part water based polyurethane matte topcoat for use with flexible membrane systems.

Matte finish top coat for use with flexible membrane systems including Sikafloor and Sika ComfortFloor® Systems. 

SDS: Sikafloor 304 W Part A 

SDS: Sikafloor 304/305 W Part B

Sikafloor® 330

Sikafloor 330 is an elastic, two part, solvent free, self leveling polyurethane resin system. Sikafloor 330 is used as a self leveling wear course for the Sika ComfortFloor and ComfortFloor Pro Systems. Sikafloor 30 reduces footfall sound and is non-shrinking after cure.  

SDS: Sikafloor 330 Part A

SDS: Sikafloor 330 Part B

Sikafloor® Comfort Regupol 6015H

Sikafloor Comfort Regupol 6015H is a prefabricated rubber shockpad produced by bonding rubber crumb with a polyurethane compound.

SDS: Sikafloor Comfort Regupol 6015H 

Sikafloor® Comfort Porefiller

Sikafloor Comfort Porefiller is a two part, total solid, low VOC, polyurethane. It is a flexible, durable high quality urethane compound used for sealing and levelling of the permeable surface of prefabricated granular rubber and foam pads.

SDS: Sikafloor Comfort Porefiller Part A 

SDS: Sikafloor Comfort Porefiller Part B

Sikafloor® Comfort Adhesive

Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive is a two part, durable, high quality adhesive used to permanently adhere prefabricated granular rubber and foam pads to concrete and cementitious screed surfaces. This low VOC, has excellent adhesion in areas with heavy traffic and rolling loads such as carts, gurneys and wheelchairs. For interior use only.

SDS: Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive Part A

SDS: Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive Part B