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Sika Flooring, the world leader in resinous flooring, has worked closely with automobile dealers around the country to develop flooring systems that perform under the strict demands that facilities require, and the aesthetics that customers appreciate.


Floor systems in automotive dealerships must be adaptable to meet specific needs for different areas, from glossy and eye catching showroom floors to heavy duty and durable service areas, Sikafloor got you covered! 

Recommended Flooring Systems:

showroom flooring by Sika automotive flooring solutions
Showroom And Other Public Areas

 Creating an attractive, comfortable sales area is the first step in building a relationship of trust and confidence with your customers. The beautiful showroom flooring will complement the quality vehicles on display and establish your presence as an exceptional auto dealer. Sika floors provide high quality finishes that are perfect for your showroom and other public spaces such as customer lounges.



Sikafloor epoxy floor finishes make a long lasting positive impression.  Sika offers wide array of coatings in every color of the rainbow that allow your creativity to soar. Sikafloor epoxy finishes are low VOC and need almost no maintenance. Contact us to explore the variety of high-gloss epoxy coatings and unlimited color options. 



Sikafloor decorative flooring systems use a variety of cosmetic additives – metallics, vinyl flake and quartz – to create unique flooring experiences. Finish options include variable levels of gloss and surface texture to produce a range of slip-resistant finishes. 

Recommended Flooring Systems:

flooring for vehicle maintenance
Service and maintenance areas

Sika epoxy flooring for vehicle maintenance facilities is design-built using high quality, durable resins and aggregates to create work areas that stand up to the rigorous environment of a maintenance area with the aesthetics of a professional workplace.

Sika offers a huge selection of colors, slip resistant textures and top coat finishes that stand up to the harshest fluids and chemicals you can dish out.

Sikafloor® Morritex®

A seamless coating system that combines performance, versatility for high-demand commercial and industrial settings. Morritex is the optimum coating system designed for conditions whether the surface must tolerate significant traffic, large equipment, abrasion, or harsh chemicals.

Sikafloor Morritex surfaces are finished with state-of-the-art, sealers for increased wear and chemical resistance, prolonged aesthetics and ease-of- clean.



Heavy duty concrete resurfacing system for high performance, low VOC compliant flooring needs.

This proprietary high solids systems deliver superior performance, whether you are overlaying new concrete or patching a severely eroded concrete floor - providing chemical, abrasion and impact resistance with compressive strengths two to three times greater than concrete. 

Standard Texture

See below an example of varying textures that can be achieved with the Sikafloor systems.

different textures types

Sikafloor coatings have many benefits beyond looking good. Ease of cleaning, protection from chemicals, road salt, wear, and light reflection are just a few of the benefits that the installation of a high quality epoxy system can bring. 

automotive shop SikaFloor with car
  • Provides lighting reflectivity in work areas
  • Reduces slip and fall injuries
  • Decorative coatings allow you to customize your system
  • Low maintenance
  • Low odor and low VOC