Retail Spaces

Shopping and the science behind it

When you are in a public building have you ever thought about the science behind the floors? Don't worry because Sika has. From the heavy items that fall, nonstop traffic and all sorts of spills, Sika floors really hold up. Having durable, slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing floors in an environment like this is just what you need.


Tough floors that can handle heavy traffic are a must-have for retail facilities. But, what about comfort and great looks? Sika's ComfortFloor system combines durability and comfort to create the perfect amount of softness under your feet, while still being able to stand up beautifully to the rigors of a retail environment.


man shopping

Sika understands that one floor doesn't always fit every setting. Whether you are in a shopping mall, grocery store, cinema, museum, or entertainment space, every floor has different needs. The floors must be slip-resistant, durable and eye-catching. Depending on your unique style, you could choose from a simple solid color or from our huge array of decorative flooring options and they can all be customized to your décor.

conference room

With consent movement through hotel lobbies, entertainment venues, rooms and recreation areas, you want to make sure the floors are attractive, long-lasting and unique. Sika can help you create a unique design to match your decorative vision. Our decorative floor systems that are customizable to include the perfect color, texture and finish that fit and compliment your decorative style.


Create stunning floor design by choosing from Sika's creative palettes of decorative coatings, quartz, terrazzo and flake blends. Our unlimited design options are perfect for your facility. You can customize any of our systems to your shopping mall, movie theater, hotel, office space and more. 


mac and cheese restaurant

Restaurants and bars

After a long busy work day customers want to relax and enjoy themselves. Creating a space that is inviting and welcoming that has well-designed aesthetics are a must. A flooring system needs to withstand the heavy traffic and reduce noise 24/7. Sika can complete your restaurant and/or bar décor with a beautiful new flooring system that everyone will enjoy.