Floor renovation in an operating facility


Renovating an operating plant is complex work that has its own unique challenges compared to building a new facility. This applies equally to ceilings, walls, doors, utilities, lighting, floors, and all other major features. 


It's not particularly on your side in these circumstances, but you can bring it to heal somewhat. To do so, it is imperative to combine intensive planning and seamless cooperation between the project parties. Leading the charge should be experienced flooring contractor who can make sure the right materials for the job are chosen and installed properly.

The goal: refurbished floors and all other features should have the same level of hygienic and functional performance as those found in new plant construction. 


It is also possible to choose materials with an eye on the clock. It may make sense, for example, to specify flooring that can more efficiently handle high amounts of humidity in the cement substrate as is often present. Similarly, specifying materials that can cure faster than others can also telescope your timeline. 

To illustrate how speed and product safety are not mutually exclusive in a plant-renovation scenario, we've included a sample time line of a Sikafloor PurCem® flooring system being installed at a dairy production facility...

Over a weekend. 


Below is a sample timeline of a Sika PurCem® flooring system being installed at a dairy production facility over a weekend. 

mechanical removal of old tile

Friday afternoon

Mechanical removal of old tiles and epoxy adhesive. Substrate preparation and cleaning. 

application of the bonding layer

Friday Evening

Application of the bonding layer and the cementitious, fast curing Sikaquick® 1000. 

Substrate preparation

Saturday Morning

Substrate preparation after curing of the leveling material. 

Sikafloor 22NA Purcem being installed

Saturday Afternoon

Application of Sikafloor PurCem® 22NA polyurethane cement flooring. 

Finished floor completed

Sunday Afternoon

Floor returned to owner.

plant resumes full operations

Monday Morning

Plant resumes full operations.

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