Hygienically Sealed Floors

Traditional flooring systems produce gaps and joints when installed, which then become the weakest part of the floor and allows dirt and bacteria to harbor. These joints are most apparent between different components, between floors and walls, and around columns and entrances. Because such joints are sensitive to water issues, water must be removed immediately to prevent it penetrating into the joints and damaging the adhesive.

In general, joints makes daily cleaning and maintenance more difficult and time consuming when compared to the new generation of seamless, more hygienic resin flooring. Building owners and managers often agree that joints are their biggest, most expensive problem when dealing with their current flooring system. 


1. Sika® FloorJoint S Floor Movement Joint

sika floorjoint s floor movement joint

Therefore, in food and beverage facilities, it is ideal to provide surface solutions with hygienic, joint-less connections. Sika provides liquid-applied flooring systems which cure to provide a completely seamless, smooth floor with no cracks, gaps or joints - even where there are color changes in the design or between floor and wall transitions. Unique advantages with joint-less, hygienic connections provided by Sika products include the following key features: anti-microbial, non-porous, easy to clean, long-term durability and maintenance, hard-wearing, enhanced aesthetic appearance and increased user comfort. 


2. Sikafloor PurCem® Drainage Channel - Thermal Exposure and Dynamic Loading

sikafloor purcem drainage channel

Sikafloor® flooring systems and Sikagard® wall coating systems do not support the growth of bacteria or fungus. Because they are completely seamless, there are no hiding places for dirt and bacteria. Thus, it is easier and faster to clean and maintain a hygienic environment. However, there is no way to prevent all of the joints in the floors. Since they are causes of the major damages in flooring applications, the proper planning and design of a floor joint has to be performed with specific precautions to prevent future damage.


3. Sikafloor Floor-Wall Coating Connection with Rigid Cover

sikafloor floor-wall coating connection with rigid cover

As shown in the detailed drawings, the radius cove is a standard Sika detail, which is free of joints and makes a virtually maintenance-free, smooth curve transition. Such coving is often required at the floor to wall connection and other horizontal to vertical connections in hygienic areas. In such cases where drainage channels or gullies are designed in floor areas. Sika flooring experts provide tailored detail drawings and provide advice for joint sealing solutions according to each unique site situation.


Resin flooring has become increasingly popular due to its many advantages compared to traditional flooring systems. The most attractive feature for architects is its uniform, smooth appearance, which creates a clean aesthetic without interruption of joint lines that is both functional and beautiful. Food and beverage facilities users enjoy a smoother, more comfortable experience while moving across a floor without protruding or recessed joints. Joint-less connections create a continuous surface in addition to the numerous other benefits and long-term lifespan of the surface material. 

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