food and beverage floors

10 Steps to selecting food and beverage floors

In a food and beverage facility every room has rigorous requirements for flooring, walls and ceilings. Adding to the complexity: freezers, production lines and raw-material processing and storage areas ave additional and high individual requirements of their own. Follow our 10 step guide to help make the decision making process easier.  

hospital guide

10 Steps to Choosing Healthcare Floors

Every space in a healthcare facility has unique floor, ceiling and wall finish requirements based on the rooms purpose, occupants, and equipment. With so many surface options available, particularly for flooring, choosing the appropriate products for the wide array of clinical and non-clinical applications can be overwhelming. If you need help picking the best match for your facility, follow our 10 steps to healthcare floors. 

General Maintenance for floors

General Maintenance Guide

Your Sika flooring system is designed to be durable, abrasion resistant and have stunning aesthetics. Learn all about how to keep up with your sikafloors from our guide. Get recommended cleaning products and equipment, proper daily use and the routine cleaning that goes with it. 

seamless walls

Wall System Selection Guide

Sika's wall system selection guide can help you choose the right system for your environment. Choose from our Hygiene UR or HD and our Descoglas FE or RM. Also learn about the benefits of seamless solutions.