Noiseless, Vibration-Free Joint Profiles

THE SOUND AND FEELING of rumbling over crossing joints in warehouses, factories and retail complexes is familiar to most people. It can be uncomfortable and causes damage to forklifts and other wheeled vehicles. Even hospital patients have had to endure this unpleasant experience while being transported between facilities.



Floor joints in heavily traveled areas equipped with conventional steel profiles are subjected daily to high loads and traffic. If the profiles are not perfectly flat, they can cause vibration, noise and damage to transport equipment. Sika now offers the perfect solution to this problem with ultra-thin and almost invisible FloorJoint S profiles.

Our profiles are installed on the same surface level as the floor, which means no more thresholds, no more bone-jarring jolts and no more expensive damage to vehicles.

Flooring Joint 3-D

The Problem With conventional steel profile

Sika FloorJoint S is a prefabricated, carbon fiber reinforced concrete profile that is well-suited to new construction, but it also can be easily retrofitted. The result is a vibration-free, noiseless ride that is suitable for all kinds of environments including plants, assembly halls, warehouses, retail outlets and hospitals to name just a few.


Suitable for use in new construction and in the refurbishment of all areas where a joint is needed and where the floor joint can be trafficked.

floor joint


  • Maintenance and repair can be done over the weekend
  • No vibrations when trafficked
  • Significant reduction of wear to components such as wheel bearings
  • Grinable, therefore ultra-fast
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy installation and easy repair

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