Create Your Masterpiece With Sikafloor

With unlimited and custom color options, Sika flooring can make any design come to life.


Decorative Flooring Options

Healthcare, Research Lab and Veterinary Facilities

Sika's floor and wall seamless solutions are ideal for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, research and veterinary facilities. Check out these Sikafloor projects at a glance. For more info on how we can better serve these environments Choose from the below options:


Hospital and Operating Room

Research and Development

Veterinary and Animal Care Facilities 

Food And Beverage Facilities

From durable food and beverage manufacturing, to aesthetic front-of-the house restaurant floors, Sika has you covered.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Facilities 

Restaurants and Kitchens

Industrial, Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilites

For high-demand commercial and industrial settings, Sikafloor is the optimum coating system designed for your conditions.

Industrial and Hangar Facilities

Auto Manufacturing


Transportation Areas  

Sika At Work Project Profiles

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