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KONE flooring cost benefit
"cost benefit"

“We put the flooring projects out to bid with four different companies, and awarded the project to Sika Flooring because of the cost benefit. I was also familiar with Sika adhesives, and I like that it is a global company and known brand name.”

- Michael Lewis, Manufacturing Manager at KONE

“One of the biggest advantages of working with Sika Flooring is the people."

- Aaron Strom, operations manager for Duluth Coating Solutions

Colorful Crayola Experience
"phenomenal in high-traffic areas"

“I like ComfortFloor because it is a softer floor, wears like iron, and is phenomenal in high-traffic areas. In fact, I’ve had ComfortFloor in my office for four years and there is no sign of wear, even under my office chair.”

- Tommy Clay, Owner and General Manager at Ardor Solutions

“The end result was great and ComfortFloor is now our floor of preference.”

- David Roesler, manager of facilities design at Crown Center Redevelopment Company of Kansas City, Missouri, a subsidiary of Crayola owner Hallmark Cards

Detroit Reman Get Sikafloor Metallic FX Make Over
"unique look and is very durable"

“We liked Sikafloor Metallic FX because it has a very unique look and is very durable – which was important in the break room because of foot traffic and chair movement from the 125 plus employees.”

- David Rhode, plant operations manager at Detriot Reman – DRM Electronics

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 PPL Center in Allentown, PA
"aesthetically very pleasing"

“The new floor has transformed the look of the building. It is aesthetically very pleasing and is also slip resistant, which is important to us since fans have been known to spill things like soda. It is also holding up really well.”

- Gunnar Fox, General Manager at the PPL Center

Experience The Sikafloor Difference

“Our Sika Flooring representative was very hands on from day one, and especially helped us with material ordering. Thanks to the Sika rep and the hard work of the Bazella Group, the installation was completed in time.”

- Mike Thomas, estimator / project manager at Bazella Group


"The sales representatives are very knowledgeable, the technical support is great, and the customer service is one of the best for overall relationships between the contractor and the manufacturer.”
- Aaron Strom, operations manager for Duluth Coating Solutions

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