SikaFiber® Novomesh®-850

Blended Fiber - Steel Fiber Type V and Micro Synthetic

SikaFiber® Novomesh®-850 an engineered blend of steel and micro fibers are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete. SikaFiber® Novomesh®-850 is a cold drawn continuously deformed steel fiber and 100 percent virgin homopolymer polypropylene graded multifilament micro synthetic fiber. The blend of steel and micro fiber provide optimum combination of plastic shrinkage and long term reinforcement within the concrete. SikaFiber® Novomesh®-850 previously Novomesh 850 or SikaFiber Force 850.

  • Provides uniform multi-directional concrete reinforcement
  • Increases crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption or toughness of concrete
  • Improves impact resistance, fatigue endurance and shear strength of concrete
  • Steel fiber bridging joints and cracks to provide tighter aggregate interlock resulting in increased load-carrying capacity
  • Provides increased ultimate load-bearing capacity 
  • Requires less labor to incorporate into concrete than conventional reinforcement
  • Micro synthetic fiber reduces plastic shrinkage cracking