SikaFiber® Novocon® XR

Steel Fiber - Type V

SikaFiber® Novocon® XR steel fibers are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete.  SikaFiber® Novocon® XR is a low carbon, cold drawn continuously deformed steel wire fiber, to provide optimum anchorage within the concrete .  Previously SikaFiber Force XR and Novocon XR.

SikaFiber® Novocon® XR can be used to improve many attributes of concrete and shotcrete
  • Provides uniform multi-directional concrete reinforcement
  • Increases crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption or toughness of concrete
  • Improves impact resistance, fatigue endurance and shear strength of concrete
  • Provides increased ultimate load-bearing capacity
  • Requires less labor to incorporate into concrete than conventional reinforcement
  • Offers economical concrete reinforcement solutions with greater project scheduling accuracy
  • Ideally suited for pumping or sprayed concrete
  • Leads to uniform thickness of shotcrete applications and no voids that can occure behind wire mesh.
  • Easy to use