Introducing the latest addition to the Sika Concrete family, 3D Concrete Printing Technology.

Sika’s high-level technology and expertise of 3D concrete printing is revolutionizing the concrete market. Sika has developed a multi-component system for 3D concrete printing including material supply, mixing technology, patented print head, printer system and software control. With close collaboration between the customer and Sika, the right material for the printing solution is determined resulting in a high-quality 3D cementitious print.

Sika Corporation is further pleased to announce the addition of two key members to its 3D Concrete Printing team.  Under the leadership of Kyle Loyd (Executive Vice President – Concrete & Waterproofing), we have added Lyndsay Castle (Marketing Coordinator) to manage sales and marketing activities and Noah Callantine (Process Engineer) to manage all field service activities and process improvements.  Sika is excited to further improve and advance our 3D concrete printing technology with the focused efforts of Lyndsay and Noah.

The addition of these key resources to the team will help support the efforts of Sika’s first technology adopter, Pikus3D LLC, located in West Jordan, Utah, who is delivering the finished product of this new and exciting technology to the US market.              

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