Waterstop Installation Accessories

Sika offers tools and accessories required to properly install our line of waterstops, this includes items for splicing, fabricating and anchoring these products as recommended.

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Waterstop Splicing & Welding

  • Waterstop Welding Irons
  • Welding Iron Replacement Covers
  • Holiday Spark Tester
  • Hog Rings
  • Hog Ring Pliers

Waterstop Primers and Epoxy

Utilization of a high quality adhesive is  extremely important when installing waterstop.

  • Hydrotite® Adhesive
  • Leakmaster LV-1
  • Swellstop Primer Adhesive
  • Swellstop WB Primer Adhesive
  • Lockstop Primer Adhesive
  • Type E Paste
  • Duroseal Adhesive
  • Sika® Greenstreak® Epoxy 7300
  • Westec® Epoxy Gel 151