Grinding aids are usually added at low dosages, typically in a range of 0.02% - 0.05%, either onto the mill feed or directly into the mill itself. They are based on substances of high polarity. While being adsorbed on the existing and newly created cement particle surfaces, they neutralize the surface charges. As a consequence, the particle surfaces do not attract each other any more.

Grinding aids enhance the grinding and separating efficiency which leads to an increased production rate. Additionally, the resulting lower content of over ground particles meets the characteristics of a more favorable particle size distribution with better cement quality. SikaGrind® allows producers to economically achieve the desired fineness and quality of cement.

The SikaGrind 200 and 400 series are based on traditional raw materials such as amines and glycols that have been used to grind cement for decades. These proven products provide economical production and strength enhancement. View Products.

Given that your combination of raw materials, clinker production and grinding capabilities likely differ from plant to plant, we also welcome the opportunity to work with you and provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

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