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Pharmaceutical Production Room Envelope

Production of pharmaceuticals requires exceptional dedication to quality, consistency and, in many cases, sterility of drugs and medical devices being produced. These facilities and individual envelopes are designed to maintain the necessary level of cleanliness for process and product sterility, as well as worker safety. Learn more about the whole process from our latest white paper. 

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Guide to selecting healthcare floors

Every space in a healthcare facility has unique floor, ceiling, and wall finish requirements based on the rooms purpose, occupants, and equipment. With so many surface options available, particularly for flooring, choosing the appropriate products for the wide array of clinical and non-clinical applications can be overwhelming. If you want help picking the best match for your facility, here are 10 factors to consider when selecting interior finishes for healthcare applications.

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Vivarium Floors

You’ve spent hours of consultation and analysis to choose the correct Sika Flooring system for your unique environment and you think you have done all of the heavy work needed to ensure a quality floor that will last for many years. In reality, you’ve just started. Reading on, you will find some simple, although important, pointers to maximize your vivarium flooring investment.

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healthcare surface cost analysis

Not only are hospitals operating around the clock, the facility itself must be maintained to a higher standard to minimize Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI). With the introduction of the mandatory reporting for HAI in combination with insurers' "no-pay" policies for "preventable events", hospital have expanded their focus on maintaining sanitary facilities and practices for healthcare, marketing and financial reasons.