Next Generation Bio-Based Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

Sustainable development is closely linked to Sika’s innovation strategy. For both buildings and industrial applications, Sika intends to increase sustainability and improve energy and material efficiency. Sika continues its efforts to reduce and offset the consumption of resources in the manufacture of its products and in the direct benefits achieved through the use of our product solutions. 

Chemical admixtures are essential in the manufacture of high performance concrete and already help to reduce the environmental impact of concrete by reducing energy or water consumption or by being compatible with the use of recycled aggregates and supplemental cementitious materials. This is the case, for example, with Sika® ViscoCrete® high range water reducing admixtures. Additionally, high performance water reducers like Sika® ViscoCrete® also reduce cement demand in concrete mixes by enhancing and optimizing cement hydration. 

Sika is expanding the ViscoCrete® legacy with the first bio-based variant launched in Europe; Sika ViscoCrete® 850-Végétal. Sika is committed to challenging the status quo and finding new and innovative renewable sources for our products. Even if concrete admixtures only have a small mass fraction within a cubic yard of concrete, the environmental benefit is profound! It’s the ambition of Sika to be able to offer customers a complete range of bio-based superplasticizers and to further increase the proportion of bio-based raw materials.