Plasticizers & Set Control

SikaMix® BF3

SikaMix® BF3 is a specially formulated admixture designed to increase strength and shorten curing time for concrete blocks and pavers. SikaMix® BF3 is a ready-to-use liquid admixture that produces a plasticizing effect by reducing the surface tension of the mixing water, allowing quicker wetting and more complete dispersion of the cement particles.

SikaMix® PL-100

SikaMix® PL-100 is a blend of surfactants and water reducing polymers in an aqueous solution used in the manufacture of drycast concrete products. When added into the concrete mix it acts as a manufacturing aid to speed production and enhance product appearance and strength. SikaMix® PL-100 contains no calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chloride containing ingredients. It will not initiate or promote the corrosion of steel in contact with the concrete.

SikaMix® HC-300

SikaMix® HC-300 is a specially formulated plasticizing admixture for drycast concrete application. SikaMix® HC-300 provides significantly improved cement dispersion. This results in increased compressive and flexural strengths, faster production rates and improved surface finish characteristics.