SikaMix® PL-200


SikaMix® PL-200 is a specially formulated liquid admixture for drycast concrete application. SikaMix® PL-200 provides benefits of quicker wetting and enhanced cement dispersion. This allows superior cement utilization and significantly improved concrete compaction that lead to an increased concrete density, improved compressive strength and enhanced surface finish characteristics.
In addition use of SikaMix® PL-200 reduces concrete stickiness, especially in concrete with a higher w/c ratio or elevated concrete moisture content. This results in improved and more consistent mold filling with less density fluctuations and faster production rates.

▪ Increases the density of concrete products.
▪ Improves early and final strength of concrete.
▪ Provides superior strength gain and faster curing at all ages.
▪ Improves texture, smoothness and surface finish of concrete with slight swipe.
▪ Cement reduction or higher cement replacement is possible when SikaMix® PL-200 is used in the concrete mix.  
▪ Increases the durability of concrete.
▪ Increases efficiency of dispersion and distribution of cement, additives and pigments.
▪ Increases machine production by enabling faster mold and feed box filling.
▪ Extends life of molds with minimized friction between the mold and the concrete.
▪ Fewer quality variations and consequently less second grade products.