For one hundred years, Sika has been producing high quality, innovative admixture technologies for concrete. Sika’s first product, appropriately named Sika 1, was a concrete admixture that allowed for the electrification of tunnels in Europe by waterproofing the concrete that lined the interior. Now recognized as a world leader in specialty chemicals and other products specifically engineered for concrete, we continue to bring technologies to the market that focus on the optimization of costs, workability, and durability of concrete throughout the production and application processes.

With a full line of concrete admixtures and complementary products for ready mix, tunneling & mining, precast/prestress, paving, manufactured concrete products, and dry mortar production, Sika has unique and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the concrete industry. Our broad range of admixtures help to improve both the plastic and hardened properties of concrete, providing both consistent and reliable results to our customers and end users.

Concrete Admixture, Water Reducers
Water Reducers

Water reduction is the core of our product line and technology. From Plastocrete to ViscoCrete our water reduction products are unparalleled. Product options include:

Concrete Admixture, Slump Retention
Slump Retention

Sika ViscoFlow polycarboxylate technology can help ensure that your concrete arrives at the job or to the form at the right slump and without delay of set.

Concrete Admixture, Set Control & Hardening Accelerators
Set Control & Hardening Accelerators

Given that temperature has a huge effect on the setting time of concrete, our products help you take control and make your concrete more predictable. Product options include:


Concrete Admixture, Durability Enhancement
Durability Enhancement

Concrete can be a very durable product and last for centuries, however, some environments are harsher then others and require the use of products like air entrainment or CNI to ensure a long life.

Concrete Admixture, Watertight Concrete
Watertight Concrete

Sika has been making concrete watertight for over a century. We now have a full line of products to meet your production and performance needs.

Concrete Admixtures, Specialty Admixtures
Specialty Admixtures

From underwater concrete to flowable fill, Sika has a number of products for specialty applications. Product options include:

Concrete Admixtures, Efflorescence Control & Water Repellency
Efflorescence Control & Water Repellency

Efflorescence can be a major issue for producers of concrete products. SikaMix products are extremely effective and also provide water repellency characteristics.

Concrete Admixtures, Plasticizers & Water Reduction for Dry Cast
Plasticizers & Water Reduction for Dry Cast

Plasticizers help to increase the flowability of material and the overall density of concrete products .

Concrete Admixtures, Shotcrete Accelerators
Shotcrete Accelerators

The Sika Sigunit line of shotcrete accelerators are high performing products for both the dry and wet spraying process.

Concrete Admixture, Surface Enhancement
Surface Enhancement

Reduce bug holes and the need to “rub” concrete to make it completely smooth with the use of Sika PerFin 305.

Concrete Admixture, Concrete Reinforcing Fibers
Concrete Reinforcing Fibers

From Micro to Macro to Steel Fiber Blends, Sika has a full line of concrete reinforcing fibers. Product options include: