Fiber Blends and Steel Fibers

SikaFiber® Force XR 1-1/2 IN (38 mm)

SikaFiber® Force XR is a low carbon, cold drawn, continuously deformed steel wire fiber designed to produce steel fiber reinforced concrete used for shotcrete, precast and cast-in-place concrete. SikaFiber® Force XR meets the requirements of ASTM A820, Type V fiber.

SikaFiber® Force 1050 50mm

SikaFiber® Force 1050 is a cold drawn wire steel fiber, deformed with hooked end (HE) or flat ends (FE), designed to produce steel fiber reinforced concrete. SikaFiber® Force 1050 meets the requirements of ASTM A820 as a Type I Fiber.

SikaFiber® Force CS-1000

SikaFiber® Force CS-1000 is a low carbon cut sheet steel fiber with a shape that provides a high mechanical bond to the concrete matrix. SikaFiber® Force CS-1000 meets the requirements of ASTM A820 as a Type II Fiber with an aspect ratio between 40-50.

SikaFiber® Force-950

SikaFiber® Force 950 is a blend of polypropylene/polyethylene high performance macro-monofilament fibers with a 100% virgin polypropylene micro-synthetic fibers. SikaFiber® Force 950 is designed to provide a high performing reinforcement system for concrete. SikaFiber® Force 950 is specifically engineered and manufactured to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage, increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness, and improve impact strength. SikaFiber® Force 950 meets the material specifications of ASTM C-1116, Type III fiber. SikaFiber® Force 950 is engineered and manufactured for use as concrete reinforcement at a minimum addition rate of 5 lbs. per cu. yd. (3 kg/m3).