UV Resistant Coatings

Sikafloor® 315

Sikafloor 315 is a high solids, low VOC abrasion resistant, aliphatic polyurethane coating. It can be applied as a three part clear, or four part pigmented coating. Wear additive is included for increased abrasion resistance. 


Sikafloor 315 provides excellent adhesion and wear resistant properties to epoxy primed concrete substrates. It displays excellent UV resistance and chemical resistance. Sikafloor 315 includes wear aggregate which includes abrasion resistance and is typically used in light to heavy traffic areas. 

SDS: Sikafloor 315 Part A

SDS: Sikafloor 315 Part B 

Sikafloor® 340

Sikafloor 340 is an aliphatic urethane with excellent chemical resistance and UV resistance. 


Sikafloor 340 is typically used in areas such as aircraft hangars, light to medium traffic areas, where light reflectance and chemical resistance to spills are required. It can be used as two part clear and three part pigmented coating. 

SDS: Sikafloor 340 Part A

SDS: Sikafloor 340 Part B 

Sikafloor® 304 W

Sikafloor® 304 W is a low VOC, clear, two part water based polyurethane matte topcoat for use with flexible membrane systems.


Matte finish top coat for use with flexible membrane systems including Sikafloor and Sika ComfortFloor® Systems. 

SDS: Sikafloor 304 W Part A 

SDS: Sikafloor 304/305 W Part B 

Sikafloor® 422

A water-based, high solids, two-component urethane with excellent abrasion and adhesion properties.


For use as a topcoat over epoxy floor or wall base coats. Water based formulation allows for use in areas where conventional solvent based systems cannot be used.

SDS: Sikafloor 422 Part A

SDS: Sikafloor 422 Part B 

Sikafloor® 510

Sikafloor 510 is a clear two-component, solvent-free, high solids, low-viscosity, high strength, polyaspartic resin system. Sikafloor 510 is designed to be installed as a clear topcoat over a quartz or flake broadcast system where a low VOC, quick cure, flexible, UV resistance finish coat is necessary. Sikafloor 510 is available in clear or with Sikafloor Urethane Color Additive to achieve a variety of colors.


Typically used in decorative applications, chemical storage areas, warehouses, washrooms, laboratories, food preparation areas and chemical process plants.

SDS: Sikafloor 510 Part A

SDS: Sikafloor 510 Part B