Sikacrete® M-100

Metakaolin Powder

Sikacrete® M-100 is highly reactive metakaolin pozzolan for portland cement concrete, grouts and mortars applications. Sikacrete® M-100 meets the chemical requirements of ASTM C-618, Class N pozzolan.

How it works: Sikacrete® M-100 is a pozzolanic material, it is produced by thermally activating kaolin clay to produce an amorphous and chemically reactive material. Unlike other supplementary cementitious materials like flyash, slag and silica fume, Sikacrete® M-100 is not a by-product, it is specifically manufactured to its specification that improve the properties of concrete. The average particle size of Sikacrete® M-100 is 5 μm.    Pozzolanic action: Sikacrete® M-100 reacts with the free lime, Ca (OH)2 produced during the hydration process of cement to produce Calcium Aluminates and additional Calcium Silicate hydrates which is responsible for the strength of the cementitious mixture or concrete.   Void Reduction: The fine particles of Sikacrete® M-100 fill the tiny voids and capillary pores within the cement matrix and significantly reduce porosity to produce an extremely dense and impermeable concrete.   Advantages:
  • Increased early and later age compressive and flexural strength, which allows flexibility in structural design and allows early stripping of forms.
  • Increased resistance to bleeding and segregation.
  • Improved abrasion and erosion resistance, which increases concrete durability in hightraffic areas
  • Reduced permeability, which increases durability, resists chemical attack and increases service life of concrete.
  • Improved corrosion resistance, due to reduced chloride ingress in concrete.
  • Improved concrete performance in freeze thaw conditions.
  • Reduced deleterious expansions in concrete due to alkali-silica reaction.
  • Produces lighter color concrete due to its creamy white color.
  • Reduced efflorescence.
    Sikacrete® M-100 does not contain any calcium chloride nor any other intentionally added chloride containing ingredients.