Hydration Controlling Admixture

SikaTard®-440 is a hydration controlling admixture to control the hydration of cement. The use of SikaTard®-440 allows the concrete producer to stabilize concrete mixes for long periods without negatively affecting concrete durability. SikaTard®-440 can also be used stabilize returned concrete and re-use it. SikaTard®-440 can also be used in concrete wash water application. SikaTard®-440 meets the requirements of ASTM C-494, Type B and Type D admixture.

  • Increases workable life of concrete up to several hours.
  • Allows controlled delay in set time.
  • Provides flexibility in planning and scheduling concrete pours.
  • Allows returned concrete to be re-used.
  • When used in wash water application, prevents concrete producers from having to clean the truck at the end of day’s work and saves water.
  • The effect of SikaTard®-440 in concrete can be negated by addition of appropriate accelerators, at any time.