Sika® Plastiment® XR


Sika® Plastiment® XR is a water-reducing and retarding admixture. Sika® Plastiment® XR meets the requirements of ASTM C-494 and AASHTO M194 as Types B and D admixture.

  • Reduces the rate of hydration of cement and controls concrete temperature.
  • Improves slump retention and retards set time of concrete.
  • Provides sufficient time for placement and finishing of concrete without cold joints in hot weather conditions.
  • In flatwork applications, Sika® Plastiment® XR acts as a finishing aid, improves workability, controls bleeding and provides a superior surface finish.
  • In mass concrete pours, Sika® Plastiment® XR controls temperature rise and reduces the risk of thermal cracking.
  • Improves compressive strength, flexural strength and durability by controlling the cement hydration reaction.
  • Improves homogeneity in the mix and reduces chances of segregation.
    Refer to ACI 305R Hot Weather Concreting for more information. Sika® Plastiment® XR is non-chloride based and does not contain any intentionally added chlorides.