Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE


Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE is a set accelerating admixture formulated to reduce concrete set times. Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE contains calcium chloride. Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE meets the requirements of ASTM C-494, Types C and E.

Cold Weather Concreting: When Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE is added to the mix, set times of cold weather concrete approach those of normal weather conditions.   In case of freezing conditions, cold weather concreting practices as specified in ACI 306 - Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting should be followed.    Accelerated Set Times and Strength Development: Sika® Plastocrete®-161 HE may be used to accelerate setting times where job-site efficiency is important in order to maintain construction deadlines.    Reduced setting and curing times offer significant economies in the following areas:
  • Insulation and heating costs during curing times are reduced.
  • Accelerated setting times allow crews to finish concrete earlier and save time and costs for finishing operations.
  • Earlier stripping and reuse of forms increase labor productivity and reduce job site labor costs.
  • Accelerated strength gain allows earlier structural use of concrete and speeds up project completion time.