Sikament® AFM

Mid Range Water Reducing Admixture

Sikament® AFM is a mid range water reducing admixture utilizing Sika’s ViscoCrete® Technology. It’s unique formulation is based on latest polycarboxylate technology. Sikament® AFM is designed to meet the requirements for ASTM C-494 Types A and F.

Mid Range Water Reducing Applications: Mid range application will be beneficial especially in ready mix applications. At a lower dosage, Sikament® AFM can be used as a cost effective mid range water reducing admixture or simply as a water reducing admixture for production of conventional slump concrete. When used as a mid range water reducing admixture, water reduction up to 15 % can be obtained. This application is ideal for use with lean, harsh ready mix concrete mixes or concrete containing flyash. Sikament® AFM will improve workability and finishability.    High Range Water Reducing Applications: When used as a high range water reducing admixture, water reduction up to 25 % can be obtained. The superplasticizing action allows for the production of high slump flowing concrete with excellent workability that can be placed with minimum vibration even at a low water/cement ratio. The dispersing action of Sikament® AFM maximizes cement hydration efficiency and improves concrete’s early and long term compressive strengths.    The combined water reducing and superplasticizing action provide the following benefits:
  • Higher early and ultimate strengths for cost effective high strength concrete and earlier structural use of concrete.
  • Increased slump improves workability and reduces labor costs.
  • Full flow action aids in pumping and reduces need for vibration.
  • Greater concrete density reduces permeability and increases durability.
    Sikament® AFM does not contain calcium chloride or any other intentionally added chlorides and will not contribute to corrosion on steel reinforcement present in the concrete.