SikaPlast®-300 GP


SikaPlast®-300 GP is a lignin-based mid-range water reducing admixture. SikaPlast®-300 GP meets the requirements of ASTM C494/AASHTO M 194, Type A & F.

Various levels of water reduction can be achieved by adjusting the dosage rate of SikaPlast®-300 GP.    When used as a mid-range water reducing admixture, water reduction up to 12% can be obtained. At higher dosage rates increased water reduction up to 15% can be achieved making it suitable for some high range water reducing applications. The plasticizing action of SikaPlast®-300 GP allows for the production of flowable concrete with moderate workability and slump retention that can typically be placed with minimal vibration even at a low water/cementitious ratio.   At lower dosages rates SikaPlast®-300 GP is an effective normal water reducing admixture. This application is ideal for use with lean, harsh concrete mixes or concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials.    The combined water reducing and plasticizing action of SikaPlast®-300 GP provides the following benefits:    ▪ Reduced water cement ratios produce more durable, dense concrete, ▪ Increased slump and workability improves efficiency of labor and reduces labor costs, ▪ Improved finishing characteristics,
▪ Increased strengths allow faster structural use of concrete.    SikaPlast®-300 GP does not contain intentionally added chlorides.