Sika® Plastocrete®-161


Sika® Plastocrete®-161 is a lignin polymer-type water-reducing admixture. Sika® Plastocrete®-161 meets the requirements of ASTM C-494, Types A, B and D admixtures.

Sika® Plastocrete®-161 water reducing admixture provides an economical and highly effective means of reducing the amount of mixing water required to produce concrete of a certain slump by acting as a dispersant for the cement particles in the mix.   Through this dispersing action more of the surface area of the cement particles is available for early hydration. The more cement particles hydrated by contact with the mixing water, the greater the compressive strength of the concrete. Sika® Plastocrete®-161 is formulated as a Type A water reducer to allow up to 10 % water reduction and maximize the benefits of increased hydration in both the hardened and plastic states.
  • Reduced water content required to achieve desired slump, increases compressive and flexural strengths and allows the use of more economical mixes.
  • Improved paste quality makes concrete easier to pump and finish.
  • Consistent normal setting times throughout the recommended dosage.
  • Lower water cement ratios provide decreased permeability and increased durability.
  • Sika® Plastocrete®-161 does not contain intentionally added chlorides and will not initiate nor promote the corrosion of steel in the concrete.