SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Guard-W

A polymeric water and stain resistant burnishing finish designed to protect polished concrete surfaces

SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Guard-W is a polymeric water and stain resistant burnishing finish that is designed to guard and protect smooth ground and polished concrete surfaces.   Its organo-silicate hybrid composition combines the densifying and abrasion resistant properties of lithium silicate, with the stain blocking properties found only in self-crosslinking organic systems.   Applied after application of a quality concrete densifier, SCOFIELD® Formula One™ Guard-W should be polished to the desired gloss level with high-speed floor burnishing equipment. Properly installed, a thin yet durable film with good moisture transmission properties remains. This film will not crack, peel, or delaminate under normal conditions.

  • Adds water and stain resistance
  • Low odor, non-yellowing water-based formulation
  • Breathable thin film forming surface treatment
  • Bonds directly to cement and aggregate silicates
  • Effectively locks in concrete dyes
  • Shortens concrete polishing times
  • Does not gum burnishing equipment
  • UV light stable
  • Cures to a non-toxic surface
  • Apply by spray and mop