SikaControl® FD-100


SikaControl® FD-100 is a formulated liquid admixture used to densify freshly mixed concrete in interior flooring applications. SikaControl® FD-100 meets the requirements of ASTM C494, Type S admixture.

SikaControl® FD-100 increases density of freshly mixed non air entrained concrete. SikaControl® FD-100 is suitable for interior flooring applications with a hard trowel finish. Use of SikaControl® FD-100 results in dense concrete with reduced amount of pinholes, open pores and other surface defects.    SikaControl® FD-100 helps to achieve concrete properties as described in the ACI 302.1R-15 - Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab construction. SikaControl® FD-100 provides the following advantages:
  • Concrete with minimum surface defects
  • Reduced risk of blistering and delamination issues
  • Easy to finish polished surface
  • Improved concrete aesthetics
  • Improved concrete uniformity and reduced risk of claims related to elevated air content
  • Improved concrete durability