supporting growth within the business units

Acquisitions are an important element of Sika's growth strategy, enabling the company to enhance its core business with related technologies as well as to improve access to certain markets or additional distribution channels. 

Sika Sarnafil


Fibermesh offers a complete line of fiber solutions to deliver stronger, reliable reinforced concrete to the jobsite. Fibermesh is the expert in concrete fibers.

Sika Sarnafil

Sika Sarnafil

Sarnafil has been developing and producing high-quality thermoplastic roofing membranes and system solutions for new building and renovation projects since 1962.

Sika Greenstreak

Sika Greenstreak

Greenstreak is an industry leader in manufacturing concrete construction products that include waterstops, concrete joint sealing systems, architectural concrete formliners, joint doweling systems, and miscellaneous concrete accessories.

Bmi products


BMI has developed a comprehensive range of mortar products and systems for the construction industry. The BMI plant brings Sika's mortar footprint to 76 factories worldwide. 

L.M. Scofield


L.M. Scofield is the market leader in the production of concrete color additives for ready-mixed concrete, along with decorative products and treatments for concrete refurbishment. 

FRC Industries

frc industries

FRC offers a full line of high quality synthetic polypropylene and steel fibers for concrete. The use of synthetic and steel fibers is widely accepted and can provide a number of benefits. 



Being the market leader in PIR insulation technology for over 37 years, Rmax manufactures industry-recognized insulation materials and accessories that are widely used all over the U.S.

Butterfield Color

butterfield color

Butterfield has an impressive line of integral colors, decorative stains and sealers, plus innovative tools for stamping and texturing has been growing for years now, and with a strong momentum.

Emseal - Expansion Joints

emseal joint systems

A technology-driven company, with a reputation for high-quality products, excellent customer service and innovative solutions for structural expansion joint applications. 


Valspar Flooring

Valspar Flooring is a commercial and industrial polymer flooring business of the Valspar Corporation. Sika Industrial Flooring works with the company by consolidating their solutions into the Sikafloor and Sikagard systems. 

Liquid Plastics

Liquid Plastics

Liquid Plastics hold a significant market position in liquid membranes for roofing and waterproofing applications by joint sealing and concrete repair and protection. The membranes are used mainly for restoration for small to medium sized roofs. 


Axim Concrete

The global concrete admixtures, Axim from the Italcementi Group has a full range of water reducers to set retarders, set accelerators and cement grinding. They provide excellent customer service, market knowledge and quality products to the construction market.

May National


May National Associates, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of silicone and polyurethane products for sealing and bonding. Manufacturers and markets a full range of silicone, polyurethane, hybrid, and acrylic sealants and adhesives.