To further our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint, we incorporate by-products such as Silica Fume and Calcium Sulfateinto our production processes.́ Silica fume has the ability to significantly reduce the concrete footprint while also playing a large role in extending the life cycle of our concrete and mortar productś. Within the last year, Sika has consumed an approximate amount of 770,000 pounds of Silica Fume that has been worked into our existing line of mortar products.

None of the chemicals in Calcium Sulfate are considered highly hazardous and rather are an odorless and noncombustible solid́. Calcium Sulfate is a common component found in deposits of industrial heat exchangers and can be recovered/re-used from drywall scrap in most construction sites.

Recycled products such fly ash and recycled rubber tires are some additional raw materials that will be included in new project - the flexibility and experience Sika possess will ensure the priority of sustainability within it’s production for years to come.