Sika Chino

Project Description

The Sika West Coast distribution center at Chino, California proved its commitment to sustainability by converting all material handling units from propane fuel to electricity.

As a result, the site successfully eliminated all Scope 1 (direct from fossil fuel combustion) emissions from its operations. 

The new additions to the fleet are an upgrade on two critical areas of Chino’s mission…

1. Front-line employees job satisfaction:

  • Safety culture enhancement with the latest safety features.
  • Morale boost through a smooth ride and ergonomics.
  • Productivity increased with inventory control, elimination of down-time, and automatic features.


2. Reducing the environmental impact of operation:

  • CO2 emissions reduced by approximately 50%.
  • Reduced emissions from propane delivery trucks.
  • Reduced maintenance, waste, and energy consumption.


To bring this initiative full circle, Chino recently offset 100% of its anticipated 2021-2022 Scope 2 (indirect from purchased electricity) emissions through the form of renewable energy certificates (RECs). 

This means that Chino can boast Scope 1-2 carbon neutrality until 2023!

Chino exterior
Chino forklift charging
Zero Scope 1 & 2
Carbon Dioxide Emissions