• To date, 73 million pounds of processed recycled material have been diverted from the landfill through pre- and post-consumer recycling 

  • Post-consumer recycling program recycles millions of square feet of used membrane yearly

  • More than 98% of vinyl raw materials from manufacturing and installation are converted into new roofing and waterproofing membranes

  • More than 2.3 billion square feet of new roofing membrane contains recycled PVC throughout over 25,000 projects

  • Sika’s Roof Recycling Program is responsive to all customer demands to support their efforts to eventually become a zero-waste company and achieve their 
Sarnafil membrane rolls sitting on the top of a roof
Rolled up Sarnafil roofing membrane


  • Target is among Sika’s customers that uses Sika Sarnafil on all their roofs and participates in the Recycling Partnership 
  • Technical advice and logistical support is offered to contractors who supply old roof membrane material to Sika
  • The program offers competitive advantage for contractors when bidding jobs with environmentally conscious customers
  • Sika is the first US based company that introduced a recycling program for commercial roofing membranes to help customers reduce landfill-tipping fees
  • Sika is the only US based company that recycles all of the collected material back into new membrane product, thereby reducing the products’ carbon footprint
  • Sika is the only US roofing manufacturer with third party certified recycled content